Rural Education and Social Comprehensive Development (RESCODGHANA)




Since the establishment of RESCOD-GHANA for the past one year now, they have been numerous activities that have created and have brought great influence to the northern part of Ghana.

                     Even though the organization is still young but it brought charity to based program .we are able to raise founds for the less privileged and among these people are the orphanage homes ,street children, brilliant but needy and malaria control in the rural areas by distributing mosquito nets to them.

                    The organization has also supported in a provision of sanitation hygienic education among the locals by how to treat guinea worm infected person through the donations that we had from people. RESCOD-GHANA has also under take the following listed below:

                    *we are yet to finance (20) women micro finance scheme in Gushagu district in the north  by promoting shear butter extraction .With this many women have their wards to school and supporting their husbands to  take care of their children very well.

                  *On the other hand RESCOD-GHANA has been sponsoring 5 boys and 8 girls to school who are all orphans. The organization is also promoting girl child education and children in general right.

                 *RESCOD-GHANA has been donating clothing to the needy children and also been organizing fun programs to encourage those not in school to go to school.

We therefore look further to support every part in Ghana through the donations we always have from people and volunteers help.