Rural Education and Social Comprehensive Development (RESCODGHANA)



It is general agreed that for meaningfully development to take place in Africa and the world as a whole. 

There is the need to include children and Women at any levels of decision making.  Two kinds of argument may be advanced a HUMAN RIGHT ARGUMENT and a more PRAGMATIC ARGUMENT. 

Equal representation issue from the human right perfective, it is said that development is a human right and people, No matter their social.  Economic age and gender differences should not be hinder from participating effectively. 

Thus pre supposes that obstacles/challenges to equal representation should be dealt within such a way that children and Women can participate at all level of decision making effectively. 

Various conventions and treaties that seek to promote the RIGHT OF CHILDREN AND WOMEN have to be adopted at International levels.  In Africa to which various counties are signatories. 

RESCODGHANA:   Successive have ratified these predication's and has been working more harder for it be to adopted into National Development Policy frame works in African Countries. 

  • The perpetuation of negative attitudes regarding children and women, more especial women’s, ability to lead and govern and lack of interest in decision – making by most women is political positions have been a stereotyped is to make roles further, aggravates the problem.
  • RESCODGHANA working all effort made to indicate a commitment to gender equality and positive human right at the highest point of decision making.
  • How ever some of the obstacles to effective participation such as women’s lack of and low levels of education; and opposition and resistance by the majority of men sharing power with them have to be adequately addressed.
  • RESCODGHANA in concrete terms the following are suggestion worth considering:  Promoting Leadership training for women in the middle management ranks of the executive branch of government, strengthening their upward mobility towards decision making levels.
  • It is important to note that women’s subordination is not part of the nature order of things, but is imposed by a system of discrimination which is socially constructed and can be altered.

Higher numbers of women participating in decision making is a basic human right and closing the gender gap is necessary to achieving many development objectives. 

  • There is said to be discriminating against women when by reason only of her being a women
    1. She is treated differently or unfairly as against her made counterpart or,
    1. If she is whether single or married, denied certain rights, which should be commonly be enjoyed by all person in a society.
  • A right is an interest which is recognized and protected by law and which should be respected by all.
  • The promotion of girl-child education to increase the number or of female in school.
  • According to the Researchers, prostitution is usually caused by the unequal access to education by girls.  Girls therefore grow up with no employable skills and therefore no job opportunities.  These end up selling or being lured to sell their selves as the only form of capital.  Some girls are also abducted or lured from the rural communities by their relatives, and force into prostitution in other cities and countries.
  • RESCOD GHANA is working out to provide equal access to educational opportunities for girls and provide an enabling environment for increase in job opportunities and the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills for women.
  • RESCOD GHANA is out to protect and defend custody’s of children who are being force by parents/guardian or any other person in to the practice of prostitution or other sexual activity.