Rural Education and Social Comprehensive Development (RESCODGHANA)


Cost of Progam


                                                                      COST OF THE PROGRAMS


Before you arrived ,estimate the cost of your stay with RESCOD-GHANA .We prepared the below chart to give you the idea of what you expect to spent over your stay of regular month while in Ghana areas.

                         *Two (2) months =400 Euro

                         *Above Two (2) months=450 Euro

                         *Above six (6) months =500 Euro

                                                                    THIS INCLUDE YOUR PRO GRAMME

*Preparation by your country coordinator.

*Picking you at the airport in Accra.

*Two knight spend in a hotel in Accra, one day orientation to the beach and supper with the cost of transportation.

                                                                             IT ALSO INCLUDE

*Transportation to Tamale by s.t.c bus.

*Transportation to resident (town / village)

*Two days orientation in town.

*Visit to RESCOD-GHANA office.

*Lesson on culture and introduction to the local language.

*Introduction to work place.

*For us been stable for 24 hours of the availability in care for emergency.

*Meeting with staff and participants.

*You may use our office to write your report.

                                           THE FEE ALSO INCLUDES YOUR HOST FAMILY:

                                                           *Your own bed room.

                                                           *Breakfast and sapper


                                                  HOW RESCOD-GHANA USE YOUR FEES:

*35 % take the cost of orientation.

*40 % for development project.

*25 % goes to RESCOD-GHANA Administration to mention good office.