Rural Education and Social Comprehensive Development (RESCODGHANA)





                                                 We advice our volunteers within town center or outside town to always use bicycles since it is the easer means to use and report to work at the exactly time and majority of Ghanaian ride bicycles to their day-to-day programs ,provided the way to work if  far. Ghana report to work at 7:30am.This will also help in economizing transportation.




           Assisting or /teaching: nursery (kindergarten) Primary, junior high and senior high school and above all with any of the listed below subject by your wish of any. Some of the pupil's need regular help with their homework. Volunteer can be send to any school in the deprived Ares like Kumbungu ,Tolon etc.


                                                  *ENGLISH (nursery and above)

                                                  *MATHEMATICS (nursery and above)

                                                  *FRENCH (primary and above)

                                                  *LITERATURE (senior high only)

                                                  *COMPUTER STUDIES (primary and above)

                                                  *ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (primary)

                                                  *ECONOMICS (senior high and above)

                                                  *ART AND CREATIVITY (senior high and above)

                                                  *SCIENCE (primary and above)

                                                  *BUSINESS STUDIES (senior high and above)

                                                  *MUSIC & DANCE (nursery, primary and senior high)

                                                  *GEOGRAPHY (senior high)

                                                  * TECHNICAL SKILL/AUTO ENGINEERING

                                                        (Senior high and above)

                                                  *SOCIAL STUDIES (senior high and above)



Working in any of the health sectors such as small medical clinics, hospitals or any of the maternity homes were they are necessary to the Children. You can also be poster to any deprived areas or town.



                                                                       VILLAGE PROJECT

This involved volunteers working with the medical students in the villages by educating the locals on the prevention of guinea worm among children. and  treating of Children who are affected with guinea worm .It also involve in distribution of mosquito nets for malaria control and also educating mothers to all go with their bodies and young once for medical check up.

                                                                         CHILDREN HOMES/SOCIAL WELFARE

Here you can be teaching or helping the nursing mother to by taking care of the children from 2 years old and above, food and medical assistance is also been given to these children. Medical Care .Education, Food, and cloths are been provide to these children


Volunteers are expected to stay and offer their service to this people .The locals are sociable and will to have them for the exchange of culture.     

                                                                     More to be




                                    Some of our volunteers are been send to different deprived communities to teach, since it is a tradition for the organization and also to other fields  such as Health, Orphanage homes, Social welfare, Other Ngo's and Agro based industries .Mostly when school are on break. This stay the volunteer long till end of stay .Participants are send to areas where their service is been needed most. Volunteer can stay for the period of:

                                  *Two (2) months.

                                  *Two (2) months and Six (6) months

                                  *six (6) months and above...

Depending on the duration of visa. The program is intend to find provisions to Education facilities and other social amenities needed to communities and this are been done through it collaboration with other Ngo's, donations from establishments and individuals who contribute to the aims of RESCOD-GHANA



                1. Since the volunteers are of different culture, it enables the children to be punctual in school.

                2. It also enables the children to force themselves to learn to be able to communicate with the volunteer

                3. We organize fun programs for the children to pull out others school children who roam about to school and also and also enable parents to send their children to school. .More to be


                                                                 ACTIVITIES Ac

               1.RESCOD-GHANA issues certificates to out to our volunteers at the end of their service to show appreciations from us.

               2. Our volunteers also receive packages at a ceremony.

               3. We believed that all the above will motivate our volunteers to work hard for us to achieve our goals   

               4. The field officer will be supervising volunteers regularly to ensure good work and also to send help when needed by                        volunteers.