Rural Education and Social Comprehensive Development (RESCODGHANA)



To day children are tomorrow future leaders.  RESCODGHANA in monitoring of children with their parents and guardians have revealed that.  Children in general in Africa are not getting the right care from their families. Parent/guardian only sees children as labors and slaves in some homes. 

Some children who are from poor homes, or not living with their biologically parents or Orphans are been stay home and are not allow to go to schools This people are been influence that education is not good that when you educate your child one he/she will say you are not the parents.  Other too says that all educators are cheap, so that when they send the children to school they will cheat them.  

These Poor children parent can not carter for them to school rather send them to farms if they are farmer.  There do all the preparation with their parents till the hand is ready to sowing. 

Some time to get a drinking water too also let parent or guardian not to send their children to school because they live far from dams, rivers, lagoon and so on. They feel they have grown old and some just share too much work among children as their duties to walk for 10-15 miles in the villages to get the water for the family. 

In the farm when it is getting 2:00pm children are been told, which is their duty to go deep in to the bush to look for fire wood, which will be use to prepared food and other activities in the house. 


    • Some of these parents who are not farmers and those who are orphan can not in all source take care of their children and give the children to other members in the families to help the guardian in their work and also to take care of them as their own children.
    • Some of these guardians also do not send these adopted children to school they only maltreat them badly stay them home and let their own children in to school.  These adopted children after finishing their house work the guardian’s fine some like small scale business for which they carry on their heads walk about 5-4-2-q mile to the market to sell.  

These children are warm not to remove money from their sales to buy food if they do not make enough sales.  When   this children get to the market they do not seat at one place they roam in the make and near by communities to the market just to make that they sell much before they remove money from the sales to buy food.  They roam till it is 4:00pm before to go home to help in the preparation of dinner. 

    • Due to the mercilessly beating and treatment, “we sometime run to the big cities and other country to be on our own.  Some of us who are not lucky are being trade by child traffics.

        Because of the bad way of treatment we some time group up without having feeling to human pain are having mercy up on people.  

      Because of the bad way we are being brought out found for us not having a skill work some of us go in to raring and some of the female get in to prostitution. 

      We some time get job like be a house boy/house girl, security person for people      house and shops, others become track pushers. 

      Some of our parents force the younger girl in to marriage and in to prostitution to raise money for them. When we are sick they do not bother to spend money on our health 

           Other people say is only lazy people who go to school 

      Female of marriageable age shall have the right to enter in to marriage and be free to marry a person of their choice”. 

  • The betrothal and marriage of a child shall have no legal effort and RESCODGHANA is taking all necessary action including legislation to specify a minimum age for marriage, it is a criminal act to force a girl below 18 years in to marriage under the Law of nature.