Rural Education and Social Comprehensive Development (RESCODGHANA)


What we offer

  WHAT WE OFFER                                                                             

RECEPTION: All our volunteers coming from abroad shall be received in Accra .The organization shall meet them at the airport and assist to a hotel/guest house to check in. Our volunteers shall be shown around the city and interested places on their own cost and this shall only take two (2) days and proceed to Tamale on the fourth (4).


ACCOMMODATION: This shall be providing base on their wish and capability of their stay in the country.

                                                                  Host Families.

This shall/will be proved to volunteers in the communities where they work. They will be a provision of breakfast and supper. But do washing and other service on his /her own.

                                                                 Traditional House

These houses are mainly in the rural communities where some of our volunteers shall/will be send to work. Room will be provided to them in these houses to stay with the locals.

                                                               Hotel/guest house

RESCOD-GHANA has a negotiation with such facilities and shall be provided for Diplomatic and other personalities who wish to stay in them at their own cost.  


ORIENTATION: Volunteers shall go under a person of in-service training by RESCOD-GHANA since they are new ,which is to enable them function good with the culture and way of life of the people in the communities where they are been posted to. And also for the volunteer to know their potentials for about working in the deprived sector for two (2) weeks. The volunteer shall also submit that few days report to the staff of RESCOD-GHANA.


MEDICALS: Since human health is the major key to life. We are been arrange with qualified medical doctors to secure volunteers health. They shall also be provisions of nets for mosquito bites.


SECURITY: The communities are very welcome is always willing to receive people fro different parts of the world to help in creating good relationships among them and also to promote peace. They shall be a spokes person in order to translate to volunteers from the locals and to guide to interested places.


IMMIGRATION: Ghana immigration service is a well organize body that is in charge of immigrations and migration purpose RESCOD-GHANA arrange with this people and Embassy's on foreign problems to volunteers.


TOURISM: During a period for volunteer to end his/her service .A free weeks tour is been given to the volunteer to experience different culture and societies we have. Places like: MOLE NATIONAL GAME, CAPE COAST SLAVE CASTLE, TONGO HILLS, LARIBANGA MYSTRIOUS STONE &MOSQUE, ETC


COLLABORATION: We are ever ready to form partnership with individuals, Ngo's, civil society organizations, schools and cooperation organizations in the part of development in




With the interest of supporting people are really in need of it.